About Fidelis Art Prints

Integrity in everything we do.

Fidelis Printmaking (a division of Fidelis art Prints) is a team of experienced artisans and technicians who understand that great fine art reproductions require more than mechanical skills. We are highly dedicated to maintaining image integrity, utilizing the best quality materials and technology available.

“The Fidelis team has been most accommodating, prompt and thorough. The end result are pieces that have integrity and that accurately present the best features of my work. I have no hesitation in working with them in future.”
Tiko Kerr

A reproduction that is truly permanent
and collectable.

What is a FidelityArt™ print?
Exclusive to Fidelis, a FidelityArt™ print is a museum quality fine art reproduction that utilizes traditional high-resolution photography plus imaging technology to faithfully capture and reproduce the depth, the vibrancy, and the uniqueness of an original work of art.

What separates a FidelityArt™ print from other reproductions?
We use the finest quality materials when producing our prints. FidelityArt™ prints are made using premium art papers and natural canvas that are pH neutral, acid-free, and 100% cotton. Masterfully combined with pigment-based inks, FidelityArt™ reproductions offer true colour fidelity and exceptional image permanence. Fidelis is the only BC firm who complies to the criteria of a “TruGiclée” as outlined by the Giclée Printers Association.

As a member of the BC Museums Association, we take image permanence seriously by keeping informed of image permanence studies from The Rochester Institute of Technology and Wilhelm Imaging Research. We are confident that our clients are receiving a print that is as technically responsible as it is beautiful.

All FidelityArt™ prints undergo a stringent color and quality check by the artist or publisher before an edition is completed. Artists are encouraged to work with our Adobe Certified Photoshop Experts to extract image detail, depth, and unique qualities from each scan. Our experts have over 14 years of experience and are considered the best in their field. As the creative director, client participation insures the finest results.

“I’m very protective of my art. It’s my life in rainbow color, my soul bled onto canvas, a personal vision. In Fidelis, I have found a trustworthy interpreter.”
Atom Johnson

10-Year Limited Warranty
Every FidelityArt™ print is accompanied by a “Certficate of Authenticity”. This document provides you with the confidence that the finest archival materials are used during the printmaking process. Should any manufacturers defect occur, Fidelis will replace the print at no cost.


Pigment prints are clearly the future of fine
art printmaking.

Image Permanence
Next to image quality, image permanence is the key ingredient to producing a beautiful piece of artwork. Fidelis sources it’s media and inks from the international marketplace. Inkjet is a growing technology, so we spend a great deal of time keeping on top of new print media as it joins the market. This means our line of paper is always expanding and continuously improving in permanence.

“In my own experience, pigment prints maintain a vibrant appearance under special lighting conditions, due to the pigment’s placement on top of, rather than within the paper. In side by side comparison under museum, lighting the C print looks relatively dull and void of colour.”
Roy Arden

Understanding the difference between available print technologies should be a critical part of your creative process. Selection of archival media will add value to your artwork and provide your buyer with confidence that they have made a smart investment. At Fidelis, we use pigment-based inks, which according to the Image Permanence Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology *, observe the highest rating of image stability; outlasting even traditional colour prints and digital photographic prints.